More people read the Tri-City Times than any other publication circulating in Imlay City, Almont, Capac, and Dryden.

St. Clair Community College conducted an extensive readership survey and found the Tri-City Times to be the best read publication in the area, as did Capac Community Schools, Imlay City Community Schools, the City of Imlay City, and the Almont Downtown Development Authority.


Market Area
The Tri-City Times market area represents an exclusive suburban market. The average Tri-City Times reader-family income is over $59,000. This represents a potential spending market of over $885,000,000 (millions) a year, directly accessible through the Tri-City Times.

Population 29,500
Households 11,600
Square Miles 359


The Tri-City Times has a circulation of 6,300 weekly. The circulation is audited by the U.S. Postal Service.


Display Rates
The Tri-City Times is the most cost effective way to reach potential customers in Imlay City, Almont, Capac and Dryden. The Tri-City Times is a full-color, four section, broad-sheet newspaper. Please call for color availability and mechanical requirements.

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-1 color / $75.00
-2 color / $100.00
-Process color / $150.00

(All classified and display advertising deadlines are Monday at noon, prior to Wednesday publication.

Our display advertising rates are set up as six, thirteen, twenty-six, fifty-two and bulk rates categories.

-A six-week column inch rate begins at $7.50

-A thirteen-week column inch rate begins at $7.25

-A twenty-six-week column inch rate begins at $7.00

-A fifty-two-week column inch rate begins at $6.75

-Bulk Rates per column inch can be used anytime in a given year, beginning at $6.90 and going as low as $6.20.

-Our Open rate is $7.85

-Commissionable rate is $8.80

-Non-profit rates are $6.80 per column inch.

-Classified display rate is $7.00 per column inch.


General Information
Distributed to paid subscribers and newsstands every Wednesday morning.

Recognized as the local paper by all schools, city, village and township governments in Imlay City, Almont, Capac, and Dryden. Carries all legal notices by all of the above bodies.