It was a rainy May morning the day he died. We spent the past few days by his side watching his pain intensify as he gasped for each breath. Hospice had been suggested a few times over the past 6 months as his health declined. Selfishly, I wouldn’t hear of it…My dad isn’t a quitter. How painful to witness the man who use to carry me as a little girl on his shoulders. The man who could move mountains became unrecognizable as his body began to shut down. The “H” word suddenly lost its negative connotation which, I so selfishly felt before. Now it was about him and his dignity to die peacefully without struggle and pain. I am grateful to have had him as a mentor and work side by side serving families through their time of loss. My brother and I take great pride in honoring and extending his and my grandfather’s legacy.

The passing of a father can send shockwaves across the whole family. We might become withdrawn in our own grief and not realize others are sharing in the loss. So, offer your hand in support to other family members. As a loving team, you will be able to count on each other at different times to get through the toughest periods together.

There will be times that you can’t think of your dad without tears even though you make a determined effort not to swell up when friends offer their condolences. But, you can still enjoy your dad’s company by recalling the good times you shared together. Perhaps as a child you shared Cracker Jacks with him at Tiger Stadium or maybe he was a Mr. Fixit, and you were the runner… “Go get me a hammer.” So many memories, the laughs, the trips and working around the yard with him that seemed to take forever. Don’t avoid reliving your precious moments in your mind’s eye. A time will come when you smile or laugh to yourself just as you did at the time. So let your dad live on in your thoughts and enjoy seeing them there anytime.

Society often writes off the death of a parent as the natural order of events, but those who’ve experienced it know how life changing it is. You feel hurt because you have a heart but, that heart is stronger than you ever imagined. With time your heart will grow in confidence, beat with new hope and become healthier than ever before. You can still enjoy life, and you should. It’s what your dad would have wanted. Live your life in the knowledge he’d be happy for you.

Editor’s Note: The Muir family’s legacy runs deep, offering support to those in times of loss for over a century. It all began in 1908 in Dryden, Michigan, when the late Allen Muir and his brothers first embarked on their journey of serving the community. Today, their tradition lives on through Christina Muir who is Allen’s granddaughter. Christina earned her Mortuary Science Degree from Wayne State University in 2000, and has been dedicated to the profession ever since. She worked many years alongside her late father Richard, and her brother, Rick. The Muir Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center is a modern facility and more than just a funeral home; it’s a place designed to cater to all aspects of the funerary process.
As the third generation of the Muir family to carry on this noble tradition, Christina and Rick consider it a profound honor to walk alongside families during their grief journey, providing comfort, support, and a sense of community when it’s needed most.