Drives away with a vehicle instead of bicycle this time


Nathan Baughman

DRYDEN — According to the Imlay City Police Department, a runaway teen has been reported missing yet again. He had vanished in April of last year and was found a week later.

In his disappearance in 2023, Nathan Baughman, now 17 years old, left his Dryden area home on a bicycle. He had left his parents a note saying he was running away.

Family members said he has been diagnosed with “level 2” autism. They said a discovery was made where Nathan was researching how to travel the county by bicycle.

Family members at the time said Nathan preferred secluded places and suffered from high levels of anxiety.

Local police worked alongside of county and state law enforcement and eventually reported Baughman had been found the following week, apparently near the Michigan and Ohio state borders. Police believed he had managed to ride his bike for most, if not all, of the distance.

On their Facebook page last week, the Imlay City Police Department reported Baughman was once again missing.

“MISSING PERSON…if you see this male or the vehicle he is driving (which belongs to a family member) please contact the ICPD at 810-724-2345 immediately. Thank you!”

Chief Brett Selby said there is no update that he was aware of, as of late Monday afternoon.

The social media notification included a picture of the Dryden area teen and information that this time, he had apparently taken a vehicle that was at his family’s home, instead of riding off on a bike.

Officials have not said whether or not they have received any credible leads as to the whereabouts of Baughman.

Nathan is reported to be 5’5”, 130 lbs and last seen driving a white 2019 Kia.

Anyone who may have information as to Baughman’s whereabouts is asked to contact police.