Speed Sign Monitor placed along M-53; tickets await


The Imlay City Police Department is cracking down on speeders on a dangerous stretch of VanDyke/S. Cedar, north of I-69 and south of the train overpass.

IMLAY CITY — Although it was in place for the Memorial Day weekend, speed control devices continue to be used to help local police monitor motorists traveling a dangerous stretch of road.

The Imlay City Police Department is focusing efforts on speed enforcement of passenger cars and motor carrier vehicles on M-53 between I-69 and M-21.

As opposed to what many feel is a dire need for a stoplight at the intersection of Borland and S. Cedar, MDOT’s apparent solution is a boulevard that is planned for 2029, five years from now.

According to Imlay City Police Chief Brett Selby, “if statistics over the past few years continue, there could potentially be 37 or more angled crashes a year resulting in injuries and 1-2 fatalities in each of those years.”

Chief Selby said if those numbers stay consistent, without a light, boulevard, or targeted enforcement, “there could be approximately 185 more angled crashes over the next five years resulting in a 77% chance of injury and five more fatalities on M-53 on the low end during that time as well.”

As a result, the ICPD has positioned a Speed Sign Monitor on M-53 and initiated an additional traffic enforcement campaign on the 45 mile per hour stretch of road.

“Speeders happen all hours of the day and night,” Selby explained. “However, we know from our violations, most offenders are in the morning and in the evening.”

The Chief said his staff is, “not out there to ruin your day–just save someone else’s. It is for that reason we will be strictly enforcing zero tolerance to speeders, reckless drivers, careless drivers, seat belt enforcement and issuing violations accordingly.”

If you are among those nabbed for speeding, the penalties are not light. According to the Chief, there are four categories for violations, as follows:

* 1 to 5 mph over the speed limit: $125 fine and 1 point added to your record

* 6 to 10 mph over the speed limit: $135 fine and 2 points added to your record

* 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit: $140 fine and 3 points added to your record.

* 16 to 20 mph over the speed limit: $150 fine and 4 points added to your record.

Motorists beware, officers are watching.