Editors Note: This was sent to us by Eve Caster, formerly of Brown City, and was published in May of 2023 in the Sun-Journal a daily newspaper in Nevada. Eve reads the Tri-City Times online and asked if we would like to share this with our readers.

You would hope that all schools in the United States teach students about why our country observes Memorial Day.

However, if schools do cover that topic, you also kind of wonder if a lot of students didn’t pay attention during the lesson or forgot what was taught.

We raise that point after reviewing the results of a survey focusing on Memorial Day that was conducted in 2020 by OnePoll for the University of Phoenix.

The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that just 43 percent were aware Memorial Day is a holiday honoring those who died in service while in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Twenty-eight percent mistakenly believed Memorial Day was a holiday honoring all military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces — which is actually Veterans Day.

A third of respondents — 36 percent — also admitted to being unsure of the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Granted, the OnePoll survey was conducted three years ago. But we don’t think public awareness about Memorial Day has increased dramatically since that time.

Unfortunately, the true purpose of Memorial Day seems to be overlooked every year, as many people focus more on the occasion being a holiday that marks the unofficial start of the summer season.

Plenty of people look forward to Memorial Day because they get a paid holiday from work, and can use their free time for having cookouts or heading to the beach or an amusement park for recreation.

Sadly, many of these same people never carve out time on Memorial Day to attend a community observance, where they could pay tribute to American military members who have died in service to the United States during peace and war.

Make no mistake: Memorial Day is intended to honor those Americans who died in military service to our nation. Please take time to salute these people, who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedoms that we enjoy today.