What could you possibly call 11-20 women who congregate all in one place to eat a somewhat peaceful meal once a month? To call it a “powerhouse” would not be out of line, as there is definitely power in numbers. To call it a group is not out of line, nor would be calling it a “learning experience”, as it always is. You could call them the “Lunch Ladies”, although I would use the term “Ladies” with some caution, as some are known to carry a side arm and ride a fast horse, but it is the meal they choose to share, and have been doing so for nearly three years.

You may have seen us around town, or towns as we tend to try someplace new once in awhile, and we sit in one large group so as to avoid shouting across booths, which has also been known to happen.

We are a mixed bag, and you have to take the good with the bad, as we all do from time to time. We have been teachers of many years, basket makers, crafters, scout leaders, real estate salespeople, jewelry makers, artists, nurses, secretaries, election poll workers, museum directors, festival board members, business owners, waitresses, survival techs, gardeners, farmers, and of course volunteers.

All in all with over 480 years of living experience I don’t think there is a question that is not answered, no problem that cannot be solved, no sorrow that is not shared and consoled, and if you need to know anything, or need help, that too is taken care of.

This is an inspiring group of Mothers, Step Moms, Aunties, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Widows, Married and Unmarried. They come from families of ten, to being an only child. Yes truly a “mixed bag”, but just like in a box of crackerjack, there is always that prize. In this case you have anywhere from 1 to 20 prizes.

In my experience, I would not hesitate to “get lost” with this group. Among them they have sewn clothes, grown vegetables, mowed acres of lawn, taught classes, cared for others from infants to elderly, cooked for large crowds on a budget, raised their kids and others as well, they can paint, build a good bonfire, cook on an open flame, save seeds and grow beautiful flowers, drive just about any kind of car or truck, (and if they can’t they will learn quickly), care for animals, hunt, fish, and so much more, and I feel lucky to call them my friends, they are the true “SISTERHOOD”.

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