As we grieve the person who we have lost, we might feel some of the most intense feelings we have ever experienced in our lives. Other times, the feelings aren’t as strong. We might feel like we can finally catch our breath. But then, oftentimes without warning, the intense feelings flare up again, and we feel like we’re right back where we started.

One important and difficult thing to remember is that as time goes on, our grief won’t just end. There will be some days, even years later, when–who knows why? –we’ll feel our grief as strongly as we did in the beginning. Just when we think it has found a comfortable place in the background of our lives, it spirals around again to the forefront.

The second important thing to remember is that when we feel these strong feelings again, that doesn’t mean we’re back at the beginning. We’ve traveled a long way between now and the beginning. We’ve learned a lot and grown a lot. We’ve changed. And this change can lead to a sense of hope.

Knowing that we will sometimes come around into those painful feelings again can help us to not be so surprised when it happens. As we learn what triggers these feelings, we can also begin to plan and prepare for when it happens.

Grief doesn’t disappear because the loss itself doesn’t disappear. But grief can be managed by accepting grief’s presence in our lives, accepting the new reality of life without the one we love, while we hold on to all the good memories. Instead of turning away from grief, holding it down, pretending the pain isn’t there, grief can be faced, accepted–even embraced.

Understanding grief as a spiral can help us to understand the changes that occur and can allow us to manage our grief. Grief won’t disappear but, the memory of our loved one shall never pass away.

Editor’s Note: The Muir family’s legacy runs deep, offering support to those in times of loss for over a century. It all began in 1908 in Dryden, Michigan, when the late Allen Muir and his brothers first embarked on their journey of serving the community. Today, their tradition lives on through Christina Muir who is Allen’s granddaughter. Christina earned her Mortuary Science Degree from Wayne State University in 2000, and has been dedicated to the profession ever since. She worked many years alongside her late father Richard, and her brother, Rick.

The Muir Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center is a modern facility and more than just a funeral home; it’s a place designed to cater to all aspects of the funerary process.

As the third generation of the Muir family to carry on this noble tradition, Christina and Rick consider it a profound honor to walk alongside families during their grief journey, providing comfort, support, and a sense of community when it’s needed most.