APRIL 15, 2024
President Debra Hlubic called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Council members in attendance were Joe Herrington, Mary Klug, Lynne Mandeville, Joe Nemecek, Samantha Ramirez, and Tony Vigiletti.
Also present were Village Manager Travis Youatt and Clerk LeAnn Brewer.
The following motions were approved: approval of the agenda for the regular meeting on April 15, 2024; approval of the minutes from the regular meeting held on March 18, 2024; approval of bills totaling $158,681.61; acceptance of Maria Baden’s resignation letter from the Planning Commission; adoption of the Solar Moratorium Resolution No.2024-02; appointment of Miguel Rodriquez to the Planning Commission to fill the term ending February 2026; to authorize Village Manager Travis Youatt to receive proposals for 108 N. Lester Street; to authorize the property owner at 138 N. Main Street to contact Construction Code Authority to schedule an inspection of the building’s interior and exterior within two weeks; to authorize spending up to $10,000 on a fireworks display; to authorize President Debra Hlubic and Village Manager Travis Youatt to enter into a purchase agreement for property situated in the Village of Capac.
Adjournment 8:59 p.m.
During regular business hours, a complete copy of the minutes is available at the Village of Capac Office.
LeAnn Brewer
Village Clerk