April 8, 2024
Meeting called to order 7 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance recited. Board members present: Parks, Klos, Winn, Christian and Wittstock. Three audience members. Supervisor Winn presented proposed General budget for 2024-2025 fiscal year – the balanced budget that was worked out at the 3/27 budget workshop. Chief Kirkum presented the Fire Department budget that was worked out at the 3/27 workshop – he needed to add two line item changes ($20k each) tonight for equipment that was already approved at the end of last fiscal year but that has not been received or paid for. Also, the presented budget will need to be amended if wage increases for officers and for meeting attendance are approved at the regular April board meeting. Both final budgets will be approved at the April Board Meeting following this meeting. Motion to adjourn 7:25 p.m.
Karen A. Klos, Clerk