Dear Editor,

In last weeks edition of the paper a letter writer, speaking of immigration, asked why people are fearful?

Let me respond to the query. I am not fearful of immigration. I am fearful of Illegal Immigration and there is a giant chasm between the two.

Lawful and orderly immigration follows defined rules. Biden Immigration has no rules. Just open borders and “come on in.”

We are seeing so many adverse consequences of this abdication of duty. TB and Measles are showing up in disturbing numbers in illegal immigrant populations. Crime is rampant.

It seems that, at least weekly, if not more, some illegal immigrant(s) has murdered citizens of the U.S. or other illegal immigrants. Huge numbers of Chinese are now entering illegally.

Over 22,000 since last fall. On average there has been in excess of two million entries by illegal immigrants since 2021 and Biden becoming president. There is nothing positive that I can see from this Open Border policy.

I don’t want to pay to educate illegal immigrant children. I don’t want to pay for illegal immigrants’ health care. I don’t want to fund debit cards for illegal immigrants.

I don’t want to fund airplane flights from the border to cities throughout the nation for illegal immigrants. I don’t want to pay for illegal immigrants housing.

And please don’t try to tell me that if only the Republicans (and Trump) had gotten behind the Senate Bill that had “reforms” to the immigration law things would have been different.

The bill would have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. It was a very bad bill negotiated by Senators who apparently love the status quo.

The bill would have created a “Border Emergency Authority” which, at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security, would permit border agents to expel illegal aliens only after there were on average 4000 illegal alien encounters daily for 7 consecutive days.

Note it was discretionary. Thus Secretary Mayorkas could elect to not exercise his discretion.

If the encounters exceeded 5,000 per day on average or 8,500 in one day, the expelling becomes mandatory; however, the President and the Secretary, together, could suspend the authority. So in reality nothing would ever be done as: 1) With Biden or Mayorkas responsible for the counting the numbers would likely never reach the necessary level, and 2) If they did reach the level, they could just suspend the authority.

There were so many other exceptions in the legislation that the exceptions swallowed the rule. It was simply a scam that would allow Biden to proclaim he passed the toughest border security bill ever when in fact he would have codified in law the open border policies that he is effectuating now.

I am not afraid of immigration. My grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1884 but he followed the rules. I want lawful immigration.

To the writer who apparently likes the Biden approach, I hope she is providing housing in her own home for some of these illegals as well as providing them with the funds to live well.

I hope her hospitality extends this far. It would be hypocritical if it does not.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City