Dear Editor,

When I submitted my Letter to the Editor, titled “Continued invasion a threat”, for the March 27, 2024 edition of the Tri-City Times, I knew an opposing point of view could be offered in response.

That would have been fine. Neighbors can politely and respectfully agree to disagree.

But in the April 3, 2024, edition an opposing response was submitted through a Letter to the Editor titled, “Why are we fearful of immigrants?”

The author went much further than offering an opposing point of view.

It wasn’t that she tried to conflate migration, immigration, and invasion.

After all, the attempt to draw equivalencies to those terms is like saying apples, oranges, and moon rocks are the same.

I would have been fine with that response and allowed our neighbors to form their own opinions.

Where I have to draw the line is when the writer insinuated my motivation was out of “…a desire to be the dominant identity in the land and fearful of people from backgrounds with more pigment.”

It was clear the respondent had to resort to a juvenile ad-hominem attack. Casting unfounded and baseless aspersions will never win an argument.

Legal immigration to this country is one of the things that has made this country exceptional.

I welcome any hard working, law-abiding, God-fearing person into this country, if they want to become a citizen of our great nation, no matter the level of pigmentation in their skin.

I believe all life is a precious blessing.

My heart breaks for those people dying from the fentanyl being smuggled into this country by these invaders.

My heart breaks for all the people, including children, that are trafficked to this country and placed in the sex trade.

My heart breaks for innocent citizens that suffer violent attacks, including rape and murder at the hands of these invaders.

And my heartbreak is not based upon the level of pigment in the victim’s skin.

If nothing else, I hope you and I can find common agreement upon this heartbreak.

— Michael Puzzuoli