Dear Editor,

In last week’s paper, a writer criticized the previous week’s writer, about his interpretation of an invasion.

Apparently, she didn’t read his article completely. He wasn’t giving negative statements about illegals.

He was just commenting on them coming here illegally, and receiving: free cell phones and service, free health care, free schooling, free housing, free legal aid, free food, free clothes and much more.

Meanwhile, countless people in this country, that came here legally, and paid into the system, are struggling to pay their bills, and buy groceries.

For the last three years, under this administration, we have experienced run-away inflation.

Items like groceries, gas, insurance and much more have nearly doubled in price. A number of people that are still working received raises to help with higher prices.

However, retirees on a pension, did not get a raise. And those living off their 401s have experienced a loss in the value of their account and are quickly running out of money.

It sounds like last week’s writer lives a privileged life and is not aware of these higher prices.

She mentions we should welcome these new arrivals, and claims our hospitality to them should not decrease. She says we should embrace our humanity and give them an opportunity.

She identified this writer as white with a desire to dominate. She is completely wrong, there is no need for racial name calling.

All we are saying is, come into this country legally. If she feels so supportive of illegals, I wonder how many of them she has welcomed into her home and provided for them?

— Wally Maslowsky