Vintage cameras and photographs on display

IMLAY CITY — The world speaks in 1,994 languages—but sees in only one, photography—the universal language.

The Imlay City Historical Museum will open for the 2024 season on Saturday, April 6 showcasing the museum’s collection of vintage cameras.

The museum is holding a contest during their opening, looking for the best photo caption.

The backdrop for the camera display includes eight vintage photographs.

The public is invited to visit the museum and suggest a caption for each of the photos. There will be prizes awarded for the best caption and the winners of the contest announced on June 1.

Other new exhibits this year include a display of a small portion of a unique 100-plus collection of teapots.

Teapots have a rich history dating back centuries and are often seen as humble vessels; yet are the cornerstone of tea culture around the world.

These vessels are more than just functional. They are a blend of artistry, craftsmanship and history.

Also on display at the museum is a signature quilt that was assembled by Borland Elementary School Area G sixth-grade students in 1980.

These students became the ICHS graduating class of 1986.

The quilt contains the name of the student who signed and decorated one of the 99 squares and one with the names of the teachers Doris Young, Mary Ann Snella and Karen Monahan.

The museum volunteers were proud to partner with the Downtown Development Authority in developing the historical questions and answers that are on the recently installed downtown banners.

The public is invited to take a walking tour and see how many answers they can guess.

The Imlay City Historical Museum is a local treasure with many more exciting stories to tell and exhibits to explore. The museum is seeking your support and invites everyone to visit the museum.

The museum is located at 77 N. Main St. and is staffed by volunteers, open each Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. from April through December.