Dear Editor,

History is filled with examples of countries which were invaded. If those countries failed to repel those invasions, those countries likely had their nation’s wealth plundered and the lives and liberties of their citizens crushed. At that point, most rational people would declare these countries as conquered.

Yet this is happening before our eyes. We are witnessing the invasion of our country by thousands of invaders each month. If you are like me, I consider all of the free cell phones and cell service, the free and unrestricted travel, the gift of preloaded credit cards, the supply of free housing, the granting of free health care, the offer of free schooling, the benefit of free legal aid, and free nutrition to these invaders a plundering of our nation’s wealth. U.S. taxpayers will bear the expense of these benefits for decades. Ironically, our most needy citizens have to jump through incredible hoops to receive a fraction of the benefits we bestow upon these invaders. Invaders whose first act in our country was to break the law.

To make matters worse, we are now seeing the liberty of our fellow citizens crushed. Law abiding citizens in New York City are being forced to comply with unconstitutional and warrantless search if they dare to utilize the city’s subway system. A subway system they fund with their tax dollars. The trampling of their liberty is due to a crime wave the city leaders are blaming on a surge of invaders overwhelming the resources of New York City. Tragically, the most vile and despicable of these invaders have raped, attacked, and murdered innocent citizens. Now invaders have begun breaking into vacant homes to claim squatters’ rights. They gleefully use our nation’s eviction laws against law abiding property owners to obtain free housing. Regrettably many of our leaders are silent and complicit to our conquest.

Our leaders take an oath to, “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution clearly states the Federal Government is to protect each State against invasion. These leaders refuse to uphold their oath. It begs the question, are these leaders agreeable to our invasion and desirous of our conquest?

No matter why they tolerate this invasion and conquest, the situation is intolerable.

In November, I pray “We the People” deliver a no confidence vote to anyone agreeable to the continued invasion and the conquest of our nation.

— Michael Puzzuoli