DDA may consider capturing tax dollars for police officer


IMLAY CITY — Imlay City Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Christine Malzahn gave the city commission an update at their regular meeting last week.

Among items covered in her report was an update that the DDA board may take a look at trying to capture tax dollars they had previously opted out of, but are entitled to capture.

Malzahn, in a response to Commissioner Joe DeLuca regarding policing, said there is around $55,000 the DDA could potentially recover and the board could decide to use that funding to help the police department hire another officer.

Three city owned parcels in Imlay City are once again being looked at by a potential buyer. The former DPW and fire hall parcels, along with the sign shop location have all had environmental studies done in an effort to sell the properties. Sage Creek Winery of Memphis had expressed interest, but later stepped back and are considering other options.

DeLuca, a former Imlay City police officer, said if there was a new officer hired and the DDA helped with funding, “that officer could be assigned to the downtown district and help out with a lot of things. I used to do it. I think it’s a valuable thing to have.”

According to Malzahn, the DDA is entitled to the $55,000 in tax dollars. The money is already designated for law enforcement use, she told commissioners.

Malzahn updated the commission on the status of the three parcels located on E. Third St that are owned by the city.

She said there has been strong interest from a second potential buyer. Memphis-based Sage Creek Winery had intended to buy the properties to expand their business to Imlay City.

However, several delays including environmental issues, caused them to consider other options. The DDA Director told the commission she knows of a business that is ready to move on the three parcels.

“They’re chomping at the bit and seem extremely interested in getting all three parcels,” she said.

The city placed a price tag of $50,000 on the three parcels.

According to Malzahn, the potential buyer, “is a new business and investor looking to locate in Imlay City. What is being proposed would be a multi-faceted business that would include both food, retail and entertainment options.”

The DDA Director said the they are interested all three spaces, but would more than likely tear down the sign shop and work with the city for a municipal parking lot.