Dear Editor,

I am the Ruth Hughes Library’s new copy machine, and I wanted to take a moment from my busy new life of copying to respond to last week’s letter from library patron, Bernie Burgess Hillman. First of all, thank you so much for calling me “beautiful!” I’ve never thought of myself that way before, but upon reflection, I am bright and shiny and free of sticky tape residue, at least for the moment. However, I was disheartened to see you referred to me as “scary.” I have tried to make myself as unassuming and pleasant as possible, and the engineers who designed me really did their best to make me simpler to use than my predecessor. But I do take some getting used to, that is true.

I know the library staff are still learning how to use me, and it came as a shock to all of us that I default to color printing if a color original is placed upon my glass. I’ve since learned this is exactly the opposite of the earlier printer, which defaulted to black and white. Rest assured, we are all currently working hard to try and reset this so I won’t automatically print in color for folks who don’t want that anymore.

Please don’t worry about that $4, either; staff paid for it from a little jar where they donate their own personal change to cover the costs of printing for people who don’t have cash on them (they’re not allowed to take tips, so it’s definitely not a tip jar.) They are the nicest staff I’ve ever met, and they are happy to help anyone who is having trouble with me (although, as mentioned above, they may still be having some trouble themselves.)

I promise once we all learn what we’re doing, you will think I’m the best copier ever. At least, I hope you will. I’m trying my best!

— The Ruth Hughes Library’s
Konica Minolta C450i