So the phrase “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” comes to mind as our household looks to better things to come. Personally, in the past week, Thursday to be exact, I think I may have met Jesus. Of course, unless you were to witness the ‘WHITENESS’, YOU WOULD DOUBT ME.

On February 22, a nice calm Thursday, the pipe that runs from the water softener into the ground overflowed, all over at least 500 sq. ft. of carpet rugs, boxes, toys and books, to mention a few things. Everything had to be taken out, dried or discarded. At this point we opted for new and improved plumbing in the area, so naturally we called a plumber/friend, who was an extremely hard worker, had all the right tools, and a lot of knowledge, which my other half did not possess, about plumbing (he mentioned that I might clear that knowledge stuff up). Holes were made in walls, pipes replaced, dust, metal shavings, and yuk were everywhere and I mean in every crack, on every thing, the downstairs living area was not livable, not really. Our daughter, bless her heart worked without stopping; kids to take to school, meals to pack and make, and wash stuff every day. She had to throw out boxes, bags, rugs, and clean the rest up. Finally after a week, it was all in place—new laundry tub, new plumbing, clean everything and she even bought a new shag rug for the bedroom, like 9 x 12, pretty and soft to walk on. We were doing good for about 2 days, That’s when I met Jesus.

It was the 29th. Very nice day out, blue skies, soft breeze, I was in front of the bay window thinking about what kind of potatoes I would make to go with the pork chops we were going to grill. All of a sudden there was a small cracking sound, followed by a blinding white light that seemed to come up out of the ground in jagged arcs. The area must have been 15 feet high by 20 feet wide, it was gone as fast as it came. I looked out at the Edison corridor and on top of the telephone pole was a flame and sparks. I yelled to my husband, who can’t always hear so good, to come upstairs as the pole was burning. Not very accurate, he yells back, “What did you say?? A fire??” By now I was screaming, “get the hell up here! We have a fire!” We made sure the fire was only on the pole. My husband said he thought there was a smell in the house, and we better check the downstairs. Sure enough, we rounded the corner of the kitchen area and smoke was pouring out of the bladder tank to the well. I ran for the phone and called 911. The fire department was here in five minutes. Chief Wolford surveyed the pole and area outside. Then we told him about the smoke. By now there was a police car and fire truck and ambulance in the yard. We all trucked into the downstairs kitchen, and sure enough the plastic lid on the bladder tank had melted, ash everywhere, the switch board on the wall was burnt, and the Chief said we probably better be prepared for more bad news as he thought our well was endangered also. He was right, no water, the surge went to the well motor and burned it up. UGH. So after standing around a bit making sure we were ok and the house was not going to burst into flames, we went back into the house, opened windows, tried to air the house out a bit. Our daughter came home with her two teenage boys, only to be met, are you ready…… water, (teenage boys shower every day), no landline, (no one seemed to care about this) but they really cared about NO INTERNET, AND NO TV. We had heat and electricity, so we could cook, but no washing anything.

Anyone who has lost things in a storm of any kind understands the stuff you must do and who you must call— aside from catching our daughter before she fainted from the realization that all the work she had just done for a week, was now going to have to be done all over only more and more rigorously. First was to call a well person–The Well Doctor was suggested. We called, he came out that evening and for the next three days. By March 3 we had water. This included drilling down to pull up the well motor that had to be replaced, much wiring and other stuff, but The Well Doctor did a fine job, and we are very thankful for Him. Next was our homeowners insurance, who was above reproach when it came to caring and taking care of our problems asap. We learned a lot about the fact smoke damage is hard to see, hard to clean up and very unhealthy.

We did not get internet or television or the phone back on until yesterday March 4.

For sure not Frontiers fault, as multiple electric boxes were burned, and more than a few transformers blew at the same on the same day!!! WHAT HAPPENED??? It couldn’t have been our problem that went all the way to Newark and Winslow Roads, or to the boxes on Belle River and Winslow Roads. They were all burnt right into the ground. As you know, homeowners never hear all the circumstances that cause the power outages. The Frontier worker said the wires below ground had to all be replaced, so next week they were going to shut down our power for 4 to 5 hours to do the repair work.

You can be sure, had I met Jesus, I would have had to have a talk about the internet service in my area. For now I am just happy I SAW THE LIGHT!!!

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