This being a grandpa thing is gonna be awesome!!


PORT HURON — Who knew?! I know… plenty of you did.

My wife and I have joined a Grand Club, thanks to my son, Sam and his beautiful wife, Bethany.

I’m told it’s a lifetime membership and I hear once you join, it has plenty of perks.

Grace Marilyn Fredrick made her much-anticipated entrance into this crazy world on Friday, February 9. The day after my son’s birthday. How cool is that?

Due to the fact Grace was resting in her warm confines in breech position, we knew the birthdate and scheduled time, courtesy of a C-Section.

Early in the morning, before coffee-thirty, this grandpa was trying to prod grandma along, “come on, we gotta go meet our granddaughter,” I said impatiently. “Hurry up!”

Their first family photo. Beth holds Baby Grace while a proud and happy dad, Sam, leans in for a photo. Little Baby Grace was just six pounds, 10 oz. at birth.

Following a quick stop to Tim Horton’s for donuts, we quickly got to the hospital and hustled upstairs to the waiting room.

Beth’s parents, Ezra and Adrienne Bartee, and their youngest son Bob, had already been there for two hours.

I was nervous as a cat in a dog pound. But, still, pretty excited at the same time.

I had barely settled into one of the chairs and devoured a donut when I heard the lullaby tune they play when a baby is born. Could it be?!!!

Adrienne knew right away–that motherly instinct probably.

Yup, sure enough. Our first grandbaby had made her entrance into this world.

Grace checked in bright and early at 8:12 a.m.–and get this, I remember her details! What a guy you’re thinking, right?!

She was 20.5 inches long and tipped the scales at a petite six pounds and 10 ounces.

After hearing the lullaby tune, my mind automatically went to, “Is baby Grace ok? Is Beth alright? How about Sam, did he survive?”

Everything went perfectly fine and everyone was doing great, all things considered.

Being the patient person that I am (not) waiting three hours to see “my girl” was excruciating.

Finally, the proud poppa came out to the waiting room with a smile that I have never seen on him before.

He sported a truly genuine, love struck smile and said, “you can come back now.”

We decided to send in the grandmas first, kind of like Noah’s Ark, two at a time. You know the drill.

They were in there for a bit before coming out and letting Ezra, Bob and I go in.

I gave my boy a hug that almost made “my eyes sweat”, told them congratulations and then Sam put my granddaughter in my arms.

“Oh my gosh, she is SO tiny,” I thought to myself. Six pounds of gorgeousness and a perfect little baby, seriously.

We all took turns holding her and taking pictures with our phones (who needs cameras) and poor Beth. She’s trying her hardest to be a trooper after giving birth to Grace, but I was keenly aware of the fact that she wanted and needed time.

Time for herself, the baby and her new little family of four. Yes, that’s right. Four.

Sam and Beth have a beagle at home, Lisa who is like a big sister and very much a part of their family.

It came time for others to come in and see the new bundle of joy, but I had to take another look at Grace and let my mind wander.

Her middle name, Marilyn, was my mom’s name. Beth and Sam made a point of using mom’s name on purpose, with intent.

I lost my mom and dad to COVID back in January of 2021. They passed away eight days apart.

Sam’s grandma loved him (and all her grandchildren) dearly. I believe her and Sam had a special bond, despite living over a thousand miles away.

As I held Grace in my arms, yeah I teared up. I couldn’t help but to think how happy my mom (and dad) would have been for Beth and Sam, and to meet Baby Grace.

It was almost like there was a connection with Grace and I. Like God is using Grace to be that connection for me back to my mom.

By one definition, the spiritual meaning of the name Grace means “favor or blessing.” Grace is a Latin girls name that comes from the word “gratia” which means favor or blessing. Grace is a virtue name that was regularly used by Puritans in the sixteenth century to signify God’s “love and divine grace.”

Another definition is a disposition to kindness and compassion.

That pretty much defines my mom, and Grace.

Like so many of you who have grandchildren, I wish all the best to Grace. I know she has a loving family with many who are there to support them along this new journey.

I intend to enjoy being a grandpa. God has certainly blessed us with Baby Grace.

As she grows over the coming weeks, months and years, there’s so much I can’t wait to do with her.

Obviously, she will be the person she is supposed to be and will be raised in a God-loving home by Beth and Sam.

I look forward to being able to feed her, rock her, talk baby-jibberish to her and maybe, just maybe, change a diaper or two.

But the real fun will come when she can ride bicycles, go puddle stomping. Play hopscotch or jump rope.

Or, maybe she’ll be a bookworm. Maybe she won’t like sports.

That’s fine. She’ll be loved for who she is, however that looks.

I just know Grace is going to be very much like her great-grandma whom she will never meet on this earth.

I have a hunch Grace will have my mom’s humility, a soft spoken, but firm word and care about everyone she meets.

And yes, Baby Grace will have something we all could use more of—a little grace.