Crews back after brief shutdown; Digging manholes


IMLAY CITY — Work continues along the M-53 corridor between the railroad viaduct and Fifth St.

Crews from Boddy Construction have resumed working on both sides of M-53 (Cedar St) to connect sanitary sewer lines. The sanitary sewer manhole work pictured above is near the intersection of Third St. and M-53.

Heavy equipment has been in place since late last year as crews with Boddy Construction continue work on a sanitary sewer project.

Imlay City DPW Supervisor Ed Priehs said the work has been planned for some time.

“This is the infrastructure improvements project. It includes the sanitary sewer on M-53 from Third to Fourth and a complete street rebuild of Fourth from M-53 to Main St. It’s all the same project, and Boddy Construction has the contract to do all the work.

Priehs added, the work “is part of a MEDC grant of about $1.8 million with the City’s share coming in at around $1 million.”

According to Priehs, as expected when working on infrastructure projects in the winter, “progress has been slow due to weather and other minor issues and delays. The entire project which also includes rehab of a sanitary sewer lift station at Almont Ave/Newark, and sanitary sewer lining of existing pipe through the concrete plant to the WWTP is scheduled to be completed this summer.”

The Supervisor said the Fourth St. portion of the project “will begin as soon as spring has officially sprung.”

According to minutes from a meeting with Spicer Engineering, despite having been told they did not qualify for financial assistance during last year’s grant cycle, Imlay City DPW Supervisor Ed Pries, “feels there should be no problems with the State and grant funding, but does feel it is important that the project start in 2023.”

Boddy Construction was awarded the majority of the work, including excavating for boring sites. A subcontractor was scheduled to bore 110 feet of line underneath the roadway at the intersection of Third St. and M-53 in late December of last year.

Additional boring was planned along M-53 up to Fourth St.

Plans called for Boddy Construction to start sanitary sewer work at the east end of a manhole described as “MH16” and continue west.

Plans to begin work on Fourth St. have been paused, due to the lack of anticipated funding. City officials had hoped to be awarded a grant last year. Efforts are being made to secure financial assistance for the projects.