Dear Editor,

I write to state my concern regarding the “Public Safety Millage” that is being requested by the City of Imlay City in the election to be held 27 February 2024.

I am a supporter of police and other public safety personnel and actively campaigned against eliminating our police department when that issue arose.

But, I think the thrust of the current proposal is to create a new bureaucratic department with increased number of employees that we neither need nor can afford.

I believe Imlay City currently has the highest tax millage in the County, excluding Lapeer as it has a income tax and thus a comparison is unfair.

People looking to purchase homes must take into consideration the real property taxes they will pay on the home they buy when the taxable value is increased to 50% of the current market value.

In many cases that is a very significant increase in taxes per year. High taxes discourage sales.

Additionally I don’t think we need liaison officers, a full time fire chief, a public safety administrative assistant (what does that mean, and what would be the job description) or two more full time police officers.

Some of the things it is claimed the money will be used for may be necessary. Others are simply “wants” but not necessary.

I think the request is an overreach by the City Commission.

But such is the history of government bureaucracies. They wish to expand and expand while spending more and more tax dollars. We are a small town. We don’t need what is being asked for.

A scaled down request should be submitted to the voters. I suggest the voters consider a “no” vote on the current proposal.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City