Dear Editor,

Republicans spent the past year wailing about border security. A bipartisan group of Senators introduced the toughest border bill in years. I was surprised when the Senate passed the bill to stem the flow of aliens from around the world crashing our borders. It was an encompassing bill with teeth. It included funding for Ukraine and the Israel war. I experienced a feeling about our Congress I have not felt for a long time. They were working for us, not the party. The bill was sent to the House of Representatives for a vote.

Donald Trump told the Speaker of the House not to pass the bill because it may make President Biden look good to voters. The speaker then announces the bill is dead on arrival. After three years of inaction on the border, nothing can make Biden look good. It is a Republican Congress and a Republican bill, and they deserve the credit. Who is the Speaker responsible to– the people or to ensure Trump gets what he wants? Trump believes if he can keep this mess going at the border it will help his electability. What is Trump’s primary concern–Trump,or America? How will allowing millions of aliens into America— who Trump has told us “…are criminals and rapists”—make America great again? He promised us a wall to control immigration, but now he is advocating the continuation of the flood across our border for the greater good of Trump!

Some South American dictators hire gangs to help control their citizens. Some of the gangs decided they could run the country better and are taking control. If your son does not join the gangs, he will be murdered. People do not just pick up what they can carry, leaving everything they own behind, walk thousands of miles in hopes of a better life, unless there is no hope of change in their country. I will bet many of them are good people who let their politicians become too powerful. There was a news clip last week of a gang of aliens beating two police officers on the streets of Chicago. Is that a harbinger of things to come? Would you want this flood of aliens crossing our border for eleven more months, just to help Trump’s reelection and healing of his wounded ego?

By having the border bill killed, the bill to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia also died. Ukraine asked for aid in October, they are running out of munitions; they are desperate in their struggle against a dictator. It takes a special kind of politicians who can turn their backs on the people of Ukraine and go on vacation. This David and Goliath battle has been raging on for two years, slowing Putin’s plans to reconstruct the old Soviet Union. I am sure Putin appreciates Trump and the House Republicans help in his attempt to conquer the valiant people of Ukraine.

Trump is an aging con artist, who has 90 criminal indictments pending in four states, hundreds of millions in fines related to unlawful business dealings, hooker hush money payments and a woman he was convicted of accosting, and a pending trial for attempting to overturn an election. He holds no public office, but he had the border bill killed–a bill that was intended to protect us and our families from a continuing invasion of illegals and terrorists from around the world. Would you think a man of Trump’s moral character, who said he wants to be a dictator for only a day, can lead us and the free world? Does our democracy have a cancer, a cancer of division and the cancer of control at any cost?

We need to dump these two old derelicts running for office and move on. Say a prayer, light a candle, and send a check to Nikki Haley.

— Tom Janicki