Dear Editor,

My wife and her family have been Almont residents for more than 30 years, and Almont is the place we chose to raise our family.

We currently have two children attending Orchard Primary and will have our two younger children enrolled in just a few short years.

When we learned about the upcoming ballot initiative that would update and improve the schools, we were incredibly excited about how it would benefit our kids and the larger community.

Quality schools are crucial for a strong community. It attracts and retains residents, increases property values and invests in the next generation.

Anyone who has spent time in the schools knows they struggle with overcrowding, outdated technology and buildings that are in disrepair.

Most people would agree it’s time for an overhaul and improvement of the facilities.

This will bring our school district’s campus to the 21st century in many facets, including enhanced safety and security, technology, improved learning environments, age-appropriate playground equipment and much-needed updates to the athletic facilities.

In addition to providing long overdue upgrades and added safety measures to our schools, the proposal would add a multi-purpose center/field house which some people do not see as a necessary investment.

I disagree. First, athletics are an important part of student education teaching team-building and cooperation, in addition to physical fitness. Our current football field is often muddy and dangerous, and our track is in such poor condition that our Track Program has not been able to host a meet since 2017.

Our students deserve safe, adequate spaces to train and compete in, and the field house would provide that.
Second, the field house is more than just athletics. It’s a multipurpose building that will affect every single student in one way or another (Band, Choir, Robotics, etc.).

It will also provide rental opportunities that could generate revenue via various events (indoor track meets, private team practices, youth and adult indoor leagues, etc.).

We all want fiscal responsibility. The field house will be a way of providing necessary upgrades to our athletic facilities in a way that both reduces the burden on the general fund while also generating revenue to offset costs.

It’s time to put our children and community on a path for generational future success.

Please join me in voting Yes for ACS on February 27!

— Ryan Slosek