Dear Editor,

As an Almont resident of 37 years, Almont graduate, Almont High School teacher and coach, and father of two Almont students, I feel blessed to be part of this community for many reasons.

While residing in and working in another school district over a decade ago, my wife and I made the decision to move back to Almont to allow our sons to have the same upbringing that I had. Shortly thereafter, I began coaching and teaching in Almont Community Schools. Looking back on our decisions, we would not change a thing but we do believe that our schools are in desperate need of the upgrades that this bond will provide for our students and community.

I graduated from Almont High School 25 years ago and not much has changed for the building in which I now work. The outdated HVAC system, the same desks, the same lockers (which need to be replaced), are all now features of the educational experience of our current students.

I have been teaching for nearly two decades and it is astounding how much education has changed during that time. Many districts (including Almont) have gone to 1-to-1 technology, as the students at AHS use Chromebooks on a daily basis. Not that furniture is the biggest issue that we face, but let’s just say that the 35-year-old desks that I have in my classroom were not designed with Chromebooks in mind. The inadequate music facilities, lack of space for our robotics team, and deteriorating athletic facilities are among the issues that must be addressed, and these are all at the high school. The added classrooms and dedicated STEAM space at Orchard Primary and Almont Middle School will alleviate many issues that the district has been dealing with recently.

We have outstanding educators at Almont Community Schools and our students are amazing young people with loads of potential. As a teacher and coach, one of my favorite words is opportunity. Sometimes in life, all we can ask for is an opportunity. As a community, I believe we have the opportunity to set up our current students and future generations for nothing but success.

There has been a lot of talk in the community about separating needs from wants and I don’t want to get into that argument but I will say this…I believe we all WANT our students to have the best opportunities, but to make that happen we NEED to invest in their future. That’s exactly what this bond issue is–an investment in the future–and we cannot pass up this opportunity. Please join me in voting yes on election day!

— Jeffrey Bacholzky,
ACS Teacher
& Coach,
AHS Class of 1999