Dear Editor,

Many pros and cons have been expressed regarding the Almont School millage vote. Just thought I’d toss in a different idea.

Christmas time brings to mind gifting and kids. If one asked a child to put together a wish list, give them free rein, they request all the toys that could be imagined—some possible or not. The Almont school board and supporters placed in front of voters their “wish” list with with many so-called needs, and some big wants. Building conditions stand as number one. Should Almont schools stand out from other local schools with a $14 million clubhouse? That’s the “Big” kids’ wish list. The pros say taxes won’t go up with the “yes” vote. Evidence shows other wise. While residents can’t keep up with inflation, food costs, housing, and so many issues that attack families, the Almont schools give us opportunity to raise our cost of living some more with a tax increase. Food banks are challenged with food demands. Homelessness has risen. Why didn’t Almont schools present a repair, maintenance request years ago when interest was low if so many problems existed so long? Now “let’s toss in the kitchen sink” spending mentality came to light. On everything can we say lack of foresight? Vote as you will; so many flaws in this millage request we should send it to the recycle bin and start over.

— David Naeyaert