Dear Editor,

As an eighth grader at Almont High School, passing the Almont Community Schools bond is important to me and others in my class.

There are lots of problems at the high school. Now that the eighth graders are there, the hallways are overcrowded, which sometimes makes it difficult to get to class on time. The bathroom sinks don’t work properly and some of the stall doors don’t hang right.

A big problem is the heat. I’m on the dance team, and it’s difficult for us to practice in the gym, because it’s so hot, and we’re always having to stop to step outside and take water breaks. It also has bad lighting. The bond would add AC to the school, which would not only make it easier for dance or sports practice but learning in general.

The bond would also create a field house facility for sports practice and other uses, and I think it’s a great idea. It would let multiple sports teams practice at once and give them enough space to store their equipment so it’s not sitting outside all the time.

Overall, the ACS bond would affect our community in many ways and help Almont Schools become a better place.

— Shelby Aleck,
13 years old,
Eighth grader at
Almont High School