Agreement brings affordable power to the district


IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City School District has entered into an agreement for affordable renewable energy from a new solar farm.

In a press release issued Friday, Imlay City Superintendent Stu Cameron said, “In a strategic move towards sustainability and cost efficiency, Imlay City Schools (ICS) has officially signed an agreement to procure affordable energy from a solar farm.”

According to Dr. Cameron, this groundbreaking initiative is poised to bring substantial benefits to the district, aligning with ICS’ commitment to environmental responsibility and fiscal prudence.

As a result of a new solar farm being built on the west side of the state, Imlay City schools has entered into an agreement to utilize renewable energy for their district buildings.

“Through the new agreement, solar-sourced energy will be added to the district’s energy consumption portfolio, alongside more traditionally-sourced energy (fossil-fuel generated energy sources),” he said.

He went on to add, “Over time, the district will be able to reap up to 65% of its energy from clean, solar sources, should district leaders elect to do so.”

Dr. Cameron said the solar farm site is on the west side of the state and was built on a former industrial site.

“No open land or farm land was used for the (solar) site. It is currently being built, with the energy pull coming in 2026,” he stated in a follow-up email.

The superintendent pointed out the agreement between ICS and Michigan Schools Electric Cooperative (MISEC), marks a significant milestone in the district’s pursuit of cleaner and more cost-effective energy solutions.

Under the terms of the deal, ICS will secure a stable and reduced-cost energy supply from the solar farm, contributing to long-term savings and fostering environmental stewardship.

Under the terms of the deal, Michigan-based NorthStar Clean Energy will provide ICS with reliable, reduced-cost energy from the solar farm, contributing to long-term savings and fostering environmental stewardship.

Dr. Cameron went on to say, “I’m excited about entering this renewable energy agreement. It is especially nice to be able to blend renewable energy sources with our more traditional sources in order to assure that we have the ability to access the renewable energy market and transfer gradually to an energy portfolio that will significantly limit our district’s carbon footprint over time. Over the long term, this endeavor will be more efficient, and has the potential to save the school district, and therefore our school community, funds over the life of the agreement.”

The solar farm, expected to commence operations in 2026, will harness renewable energy sources to power the district’s school buildings and facilities.

This transition to include solar sources in the district’s energy portfolio aligns with the district’s broader sustainability goals and showcases a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

School officials say some of the key highlights of the agreement include:

1. Cost Savings: The agreement ensures a more economical energy supply for ICS, allowing the district to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in educational priorities.

2. Environmental Impact: By adding sources of renewable energy to traditional energy sources in its portfolio, the Imlay City Schools will significantly reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, contributing to a greener and more sustainable community.

3. Educational Opportunities: The agreement with NorthStar Clean Energy opens avenues for educational initiatives centered around renewable energy, providing students with valuable insights into environmental stewardship and the importance of sustainable practices.

Imlay City Schools invites the community to celebrate this progressive step towards a greener and more economically sustainable future.

The district remains committed to providing quality education while embracing innovative solutions that benefit both students and the environment.

About Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC): For over 25 years MISEC has been providing un-biased insight into the energy markets for school districts across the state and providing low-cost competitive energy procurement and management services.

About NorthStar Clean Energy: NorthStar Clean Energy helps organizations with ambitious sustainability targets decarbonize with custom energy and carbon reduction solutions, including renewable energy and negative carbon offsets. NorthStar Clean Energy works alongside its clients as one team to help meet their business and sustainability targets.

Underpinning NorthStar’s tailored decarbonization solutions is the development and operation of wind, solar, biomass, gas and energy storage assets throughout the United States.

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