Main Street project scheduled for this year


CAPAC — Village of Capac officials were notified last year that the Office of Congresswoman Lisa McClain had announced several project funding requests were moved forward for considerations in the 2024 Fiscal year.

Potholes fill Main Street in Capac. Village officials are hoping for financial assistance from various sources that would allow a complete rebuild of the street. The multi-million dollar project is slated to get underway yet this year.

In all of the projects submitted for Thumb area communities, Congresswoman McClain is seeking more than $20 million in funding. Among the requests is a project that would be a complete rebuild of the main thoroughfare in the Village of Capac.

The four block section of the downtown district has been a headache for motorists traveling both ways, to and from the Metro Detroit area for work, along with routine daily traffic.

With the ups and downs of winter weather and thawing, large potholes have been created on Main Street for motorists to navigate around.

City Manager Travis Youatt and village council members have been working with county, state and federal officials to secure partial funding for the “building-to-building” project, in hopes of being able to seek bids for the work sometime this year.

In their request to Congresswoman McClain’s office, the village had originally asked for over $3.3 million to complete the work.

The work would include reconstruction of Main Street, including sidewalks, street paving, lighting, traffic control signals and underground infrastructure.

The village has since been notified they have been earmarked for $1.3 million dollars, a little less than half of the original $3.3 million they sought.

Youatt said the village is seeking other alternative grants that could help cover the projects costs, in an effort to minimize the direct cost to residents.

However, due to the scope of the project, Youatt agreed that some of the costs will be passed on to residents although no amounts have been mentioned.

The work would go from the front of businesses on the east side of the street to the fronts of businesses on the west side, replacing underground infrastructure, sidewalks, lighting and reconstruction of an all new Main Street.

Youatt said Capac was put “on the short list” and anticipates hearing an answer as to the amount of any potential grant funding they may be approved for the project, in the coming weeks.

Once work is started, crews will try to minimize the impact of local businesses as much as possible, according to Youatt.