Dear Editor,

After reading letters in the Tri-City Times last week describing the urgent need for the revitalization and basic maintenance for our Almont school campus, I was appalled. If the schools are in as poor a condition as they indicate, it sounds like years of neglect. You must ask yourself who is responsible for this level of disrepair in our schools described in those letters. Is it the school board, the superintendents, or the voters? We do need a bond to finance the overdue maintenance and renovation to the present-day campus. The glaring omission in these letters was no mention of much needed improvements to our inadequate safety and security system to protect students and staff.

I believe there should be more discussion before any addition to our school. Enrollments are down by more than 500 students from our peak in 2006 and are still declining. Are we utilizing the facilities as efficiently as possible? The band director said the stage is too small for today’s band (less than a hundred students). My grandson graduated more than a decade ago,and he played in the band (110 plus students). They played loud and proud on that same stage. I enjoyed the concerts, and no one fell off the stage.

Let us get our house in order before we take on a two-acre field house project. If we cannot maintain the school properly, how will we care for a 2-acre field house? We owe this to our students, the staff, the parents of the 26% of the school of choice students attending Almont and the taxpayers.

— Tom Janicki