Dear Editor,

I read with great interest about your year-end Imlay City Police report last week that noted they increased writing speeding tickets this past year by 300% with over 650 tickets.
You mention they did this by enforcing it “primarily on Blacks Corners Rd.”.

I find this odd given the facts you later state that the five most problematic areas are all along VanDyke especially at Borland, M-21 and Newark road intersections which accounted for 41 accidents.

Your article makes no mention of any accidents along Blacks Corners Rd. where the majority of the tickets are being written.

I was one of the unlucky 650 local residents who had to pay a $125 fine for driving 35 mph along that empty stretch of road long after school hours.

These 650 tickets represent $81,250 taken from local residents as another form of tax and the higher insurance rates they will all pay too.

While the Chief seems proud of his officers’ proficiency in writing tickets, they seem to be lacking in solving or preventing real crime.

Your article mentions non-violent crime is up 67% and car thefts up 150%.

Maybe the Chief should instruct his officers to start focusing on actual crime and not on harmless minor speeding offenses.

You even mentioned that one officer is so good at their job they alone account for over 50% of the tickets written. If someone is driving dangerous, fine pull them over and ticket them.

However just writing tickets to drivers doing 10 over the 25 mph speed trap known as Blacks Corners Road when that is not a dangerous speed is unnecessary.

Maybe if these officers weren’t so busy writing speeding tickets, they might be able to catch all the liquor thieves stealing from Kroger on a regular basis.

However, catching thieves is hard work compared to parking by the bus garage with your radar on and ink pen ready to go.

It also does not fill the tax coffers for the State in the same prolific way writing speeding tickets can.

The State collects these fines then distributes a portion of these funds to local law enforcement agencies in the form of grants

I hope the residents remember this information in the next few months when they ask you to vote yes on a 2.98 mill tax increase to further fund their ticket writing enterprise

The city residents already pay over 45 mills in yearly taxes which is the highest rate in Lapeer County

In a few months, they are asking you to vote yes on a police millage that will increase your taxes another 6%+ and this does not account for the yearly inflation (5% last year) increase we all get hit with too.

I hope the residents of this city VOTE NO to send a message to the Chief to focus on preventing and solving real crime.

—Alex Lengemann
Imlay City