Dear Editor,

Kathryn Slosek’s eye-opening letter in the December 20 issue of the Tri-City Times asking us to vote in February for the Almont school bond proposal certainly addressed all the maintenance and infrastructure improvements required today, if Almont schools are to remain a school of choice in the tri-county area. Kathryn did not mention the proposed Field House because (I presume) she is not in favor of the lion’s share of bond dollars going to build a field house. You would trust the school board to govern by analyzing the wants and needs of our educational campus, students and staff addressing those needs accordingly. I believe by combining the “needs” (campus maintenance and upgrades) in the same bond they are asking for a “want” (a field house) is a stratagem for failure. If the bond vote fails, our campus stagnates. That is unacceptable, our kids deserve better, especially all aspects of campus safety and security! Does the board have a plan “B” for the “needs” if the bond vote falls short?

We have some skin in the game too–a great granddaughter (2nd grade) and great grandson (4th grade) are at Almont. I pick him up at the bus stop and we go to our place where he’ll down two sloppy joes before we head for a deer blind. He says my sloppy joes are better than the school cafeterias. I find that hard to believe I’m not that good a cook!

— Tom Janicki