So often in small town newspapering most of the headlines are generated by our elected officials, school board or township members, police and fire chiefs. It is news after all, and the coverage is important to our readers.

There is another layer of news worthy people who too often don’t get those big bold headlines but are the very fabric of our community—the silent leaders, those who shape our community. There are many such people, and they are in each of the communities this newspaper covers.

People who, by their actions, are our communities backbone, its heart, its soul. We can all think of many who were quietly supportive of their community, festivals and schools. People who dedicated their life to their family, who believe in the power of community, and have a tremendous impact on our lives by their unselfish actions.

Imlay City’s Kathy Lyscas was one of those people. She lost her battle with cancer this past week at the age of 59. A horrible disease often taking people in a few weeks, Kathy fought it off for two years—seldom if ever complaining.

Kathy and her husband Henry raised four wonderful children, all standout students, citizens and athletes. And now, wonderful loving parents and strong citizens in their own communities.

It’s people like Kathy who should be remembered and honored for her leadership, her ability to teach discipline, strong ethics and the love she gave her children. Kathy should be rewarded for insisting her children understand respect and exhibit endless determination.

Kathy was a lady of unwavering dedication, and compassion. She believed in the power of kindness. Her life was a testament to her values and her spirit.

Kathy’s contributions extended to anyone who needed a helping hand, a comforting word, or her skillful humor. She believed laughter was important. She also loved all sorts of sports, in particular hockey and high school wrestling—she knew plenty about both.

This past week, during the holidays her family and friends bid farewell to Kathy. They grieved, but also celebrated her life, her impact on their lives and shared stories of her beautiful spirit. Family laughed, cried and healed a little.

We’ll miss Kathy and honor her contribution to our community. We will honor her tireless love of family, friends and everything that is Imlay City.

Kathy never looked or even asked for big bold headlines, she was far too humble and modest for that. She’d never seek headlines, but if we were to write one for her, it would be… ‘Missed and forever cherished’