It is the end of the year, and once again the galloping gadabouts are gadding about lunch at a familiar place in Imlay City.

We arrived early for lunch, hoping for no crowd, as everyone seems to exchange gifts at their favorite eatery at lunch. Bags in hand, we found a great table at Stevo’s and proceeded to exchange gifts… cards to our favorite eateries, candles, lotions, potions, socks, among other things. Each received with ooooh, and ahhh, thank yous and hugs were also exchanged.

Lunch was ordered, and while we waited we noticed how filled up the room had become. People waved, came by and said Merry Christmas–it is just so great living in our small town and having the opportunity to see people we have known for years and to be able to talk to them like time never passed.

Speaking of time never passing, Giselle never ceases to amaze me. This past year she canned soup, vegetables, sauces, gardened, babysat almost daily, three or four grandkids, (all under eight, at one time), still found time to call us, go to lunch, and do all the other things grandmas and moms, and wives do…..whew. Francheska took time out to vacation, driving all the way to Florida to see her newest great grandchildren, a well deserved vacation. She manages her home very well, I think the dust bunnies are actually afraid of her, cause they never seem to visit her. She is always ready to lend a hand, answer a question, go shopping, loves her container gardening, and is an expert lawn mowologist. She seems to be very happy riding her mower just as she rode her horse awhile back.

2023 was a year of many lunches at new-to- us, but old places around the thumb area. Some were great, some unique, some were experiences we would prefer to not have again, and quite a few are going to be visited again in 2024. Lunch is best when eaten with friends.

Food seems to spark conversation, conversation provokes thoughts you didn’t know you had until they slipped right out of your mouth, adding more conversation. In our lunches, I have been known to say things that (due to my incredible imagination) are not always “proper”, but may be thought provoking and for sure conversation worthy. My friends Francheska and Giselle never get mad at me, never admonish me….well sometimes Giselle does, but it’s done with the best of intentions. This year we are due to go for a road trip if we can. It’s been two years since the last one, and I think we are ready.

Our wish for you in 2024, is that you keep the old friends, make new friends and go on lots of road trips too. Thank you for reading this column, I hope to do better in ’24. May good health, wisdom, love, laughter and peace be yours in the coming new year…Giselle, Francheska and Me.

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