Blacks Corners Road an area of concern for traffic


IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City Police Department, after receiving numerous complaints of drivers going too fast, are stepping up their enforcement of speed laws along Blacks Corners Road on the western side of town.

Police Chief Brett Selby says the department has been notified by the Imlay City School District’s bus garage personnel and the hierarchy from Vlasic that excessive speeding is becoming a safety issue.

The Chief provided documentation that shows the officer’s activity for the current year, in the number of stops that have been made.

Imlay City police officers will continue to be visible and watching for speeders in an area along Blacks Corners Rd.

282 times officers have made traffic stops along a stretch from Attica Road down to Newark Road and points between. Some of the most busy locations for traffic stops has been in the area of the high school and Vlasic.

Numerous stops have been made on Blacks Corners and Newark, Blacks Corners and W Borland and other various locations.

Chief Selby said, “the time frame (of the reported number of traffic stops) was from the beginning of the year 2023 until last week.’

The Chief went on to say, “An initial set of complaints were made by the bus drivers in the Imlay City School District of speeders and a second set of complaints were made by the hierarchy at Vlasic earlier in the year.”

While the stretch along Blacks Corners is a hot bed of speeders, according to police, another trouble spot is in the area of S. Cedar St.

Numerous accidents, including some that were serious crashes, have taken place on S. Cedar in an area south of Third St. south to Newark Rd.

Law enforcement says a majority of those accidents were due to excessive speed and motorists not paying attention to driving conditions and traffic flow.

Chief Selby, in a message to the Tri-City Times said, “We have been receiving complaints of speeders from Vlasic, Officer Velasco (Imlay City officer) has been addressing them with warnings and violations. Please read the below safety concern letter from the ConAgra Finance Plant manager.”

The request stated, “It has been brought to my attention by our Security Team that we have a lot of speeders in front of the plant. We are very concerned because of our employees crossing the street either walking or on equipment.”

The referenced document showed the company’s concern and the Chief’s report detailing the number of stops officers have made this year.

“We will continue to monitor that area and make traffic stops on a regular basis,” Chief Selby said. “The safety of employees going to work at Vlasic and for students in the area of the high school, and all the district buildings, is of concern and importance to us.”