Squishmallows are the hit of the season


DRYDEN — The third grade class of Breanne Palmerini took time out of their busy activities to write letters to Santa, just in time for Christmas.

Dear Santa, this year I have been nice. this year for Christmas i would like some squishmallows, harry Potter legos, barbies, gifts for my friends and family and a comfy place for my dogs to sleep. I have some questions, how old are your reindeer? Do you always use Rudolph?
— Love Lizzie

Dear Santa, I want a IPhone 13. Please and thank you.
— Love Justin

Dear Santa, this year I would like 1000 robux and dog man books.
— Love Dean

Dear Santa, How are the elves, the reindeer and Mrs. Clause? I have been kind of naughty this past year. I would like a IPhone 15 and a ton of squishmallows. I also need clothes that are size 11-12. If you can’t, its ok. I want everyone to be happy.
— Love Olivia M

Dear Santa, I don’t really know what I want. I only have two things on my Christmas list, a happy Christmas and snow on Christmas and that would make my day. merry Christmas and a Happy New year. P.Sp. How old are your reindeer and how long have you been doing this job?
— Love Caroline

Dear Santa, I have been sort of nice and naughty. How are the reindeer and Mrs. Clause doing? One thing I would like is a FAKE gine pig, mom said I can’t have a real one and that’s why I ask. A second reason is stores don’t have them, if they do they raise prices and I can’t get one. Who is your favorite reindeer and tell Mrs. Clause she is important too. Thank you for being Santa and a very good one.
— Love Clairebear

Dear Santa, I really want a phone for Christmas becasuse I have wanted one. I have been really good this year. I also want a lot of mine coins a lot. One more thing I want is you and every one to have a good Christmas. Why isn’t anyone around to see you when you come to bring gifts?
— Love Kaliea

Dear Santa, you are the best Santa ever and I want leghose. I will be good until you come to my house. i like you Santa.
— Love Mason

Dear Santa, I really want squishmallows and my life doll stuff and maybe some slime and if I can, could I have some American girls doll stuff and a washer and dryer for my doll stuff please. I love your elves, you are the best toy makers. Santa bring joy to every person this year.
— Love Sophie

Dear Santa, I think I have been really good this year for Christmas. i want to have lots of squishmallows and lots of toys and i would love for you to get my cat a Christmas gift too. Thank you so much for helping bring joy to all of the world.
— Love Cecily

Dear Santa, I want a stufft animal and a picture of my dog for Christmas and a legoe set and a elf pet. I have been nice this year.
— Love Emily G

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like some squishmallows, candy, family games, and figets. Santa just letting you know I have been nice to my family. Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.
— Love Olivia S

Dear Santa, i like you so much and I want a Santa hat and my brother wants a egsy please and my mom wants is a stressed and my dad wants a blak shirt.
— Love Adrian