Dear Editor,

Shock, sadness and concern is what I am feeling when reflecting on what has taken place in our nation since October 7.

I had no idea the extent to which antisemitism has permeated our society. Especially on college campuses and among the academics as well as the administration of so many universities.

The testimony in congress of the presidents of three of our most prestigious universities was a real eye opener. Not one of them could muster up the courage to say that the genocide of Jews is contrary to the values of their particular university.

My guess, based upon their waffling answers to questions and their attempts at clean up in the following days, is that they really see nothing wrong with the blatant expressions of antisemitism on their campus and they either openly or tacitly support Hamas.

What is discouraging is the number of students who go along with this.

Marches and protests in support of the “Palestinians” are really support for the actions of Hamas. Chants of “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is a call for the eradication of Jews and the total destruction of Israel.

How did we ever get to such a place in this nation? Have we learned nothing from the early days of the 1930’s in Germany and the Holocaust resulting in the murder of over five million Jews?

I suspect most of the students who are participating in these protests have little or no knowledge about what happened leading up to World War II and the death camps or they have bought into the propaganda of Islamic organizations that the Holocaust never happened but it was all made up.

The slaughter of Jews by Hamas on October 7 was barbaric. Those who have seen the videos of what took place (Hamas terrorists took pictures with cell phones and other recording devices which were taken from dead terrorist bodies) describe the experience as the worst thing they have ever seen.

Women raped and then beheaded with shovels. Babys held up by their feet and their head chopped off. Terrorists making calls to friends and family celebrating having killed Jews. Jewish bodies being taken to Gaza so the citizens could desecrate them and celebrate their death.

How can any civilized person have such hatred for Jews as to march in major U.S. cities and on the campuses of supposedly distinguished universities in support of such atrocities?

And yet we have apologists in the media and on the college campuses as well as the governing bodies of these universities camouflaging their own antisemitism in words of “free speech” and “right to protest.”

There needs to be a major overhaul of what students are taught in this country. No reasonable or rational person could defend the barbarism of Hamas. Antisemitism is a scourge and all good citizens need to speak up and oppose it.

We need leadership on this issue from the top down. Unfortunately what we see is “fence sitting” as Democrats do not want to alienate their far left progressive wing who give their blessings to Hamas.

It is time for a change.

— John Lengemann
Imlay City