Joins Imlay City police department roster


IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City Police Department has proudly announced the graduation of Javier Sanchez from the Oakland Police Academy’s 125th graduating class.

Sanchez, of Imlay City, proudly received his Law Enforcement certificate from MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) and The Oakland Police Academy along with 61 other police recruits from across Michigan on Thursday, December 7.

Sanchez officially started his first day of patrol Friday, December 8, as an Imlay City Police officer.

Chief Brett Selby of Imlay City was honored to pin the badge on Officer Sanchez who took his oath of office along with the other police officers.

Dressed in his Class A uniform, Imlay City Police Chief Brett Selby proudly pins the department’s badge on Officer Javier Sanchez. The officer will be a connection with the Spanish-speaking community in Imlay City and surrounding area.

The Imlay City Police Department administration received a State of Michigan grant for $25,000 earlier this year to put Sanchez through the police academy and share in some of the equipment costs.

Chief Selby stated, “not only is law enforcement in need of good candidates like Javier, but we certainly could benefit from more state and local funding for law enforcement services. Javier was hired as a part of the Imlay City Police Depart-ment’s succession plan for education and growth.”

Sanchez is excited to put his knowledge to work and give back to the community he is so deeply rooted in.

Officer Sanchez will undergo a 16-week field training officer program (FTO) specific to The Imlay City Police Department to prepare him further for his specific career in Imlay City in addition to the 19 weeks he recently completed at the Oakland Police Academy.

Chief Selby explained, “The staff and citizens are embracing the opportunity to have Javier as a member of the police department not only because he is part of the future of the department, but because Javier will serve in the newly created position of Hispanic Liaison Officer to promote positive relationships and communication within our Imlay City Hispanic community.”

Chief Selby said Imlay City has arguably a 40% Hispanic population that has been largely underserved until now.

“This new program is part of our ongoing goal of improving our service and relationship with the public and our commitment to improving community policing for everyone who lives, works, and travels through Imlay City,” Chief Selby said.

Officer Sanchez and the police administration will attend community meetings and the Hispanic Services Center in Downtown Imlay City once a month to share ideas and have open discussions for the future.

The goal is to increase the frequency of collaborative interactions between law enforcement and our Spanish-speaking community, promote cultural competency training as part of our standard training program, and brainstorm strategies to reduce language barriers.

The Chief went on to add, “The mission of the Hispanic Liaison Officer is to build relationships that increase trust between the Imlay City Police Department and our Spanish-speaking community.” Further, he said it is hoped to “decrease the rate of victimization among the Hispanic community, and increase the level of confidence of those who are hesitant to report crimes. In 2024, all our officers will be taking Spanish lessons in house with a visiting instructor to better serve our community.”

Chief Selby said as the police department and the community grows, “we will add additional officers to the program.”

To reach Officer Sanchez, you will soon be able to click on the “Contact the Hispanic Liaison Officer” on the department website to have him contact you regarding your concerns, questions, attend your event, or report an incident. All contact requests are confidential.

Congratulations to Officer Javier Sanchez. Welcome to the department and community.