I love the music of the Christmas season. Most particularly, I love the music that is properly focused on Jesus Christ, His birth, and what His coming means for humanity. Jesus doesn’t bring toys, He brings life, hope, forgiveness, and lasting joy. When He comes again to reign over all creation at the end of this age, He will endow the new creation with unending peace, unlimited goodwill, and everlasting perfect life. No wonder the angels sang at His birth.

Jesus is not a mythical person that you outgrow and stop believing in. The more you know Him, the more you believe in Him. Jesus does not limit Himself to doing great works on one day a year. The more we worship and exalt Jesus, the better off we are. We cannot say enough about His love and forgiveness. We cannot begin to be thankful enough for His sacrifice. We cannot rejoice in any measure great enough to celebrate the salvation He brings. Jesus’ surprises us by bestowing grace upon grace as we seek Him. And His benevolence is never exhausted. Maybe this is why some of the best music ever written was written in praise of His glory.

This is my first Christmas since my mother passed away. My family and I will be marking it in a special way because Mom, in many ways, made our Christmas celebrations seem magical.
However, I have come to realize that my mother is having her best Christmas ever this year. She is with the reason for the season. She beholds the glory of God in ways we cannot even guess or imagine. Where my Mom is now, every day is Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and Forever and Ever. Every day the angelic chorus exceeds the greatest of the sum of all great human music. Every day the light of God shines more beautifully and brilliantly than all the Christmas trees that have ever been decorated and lit up. And every day is a day closer to when I, too, will go to experience the fullness of Christ as she is doing now.

So it is that our great Christian holidays should call us to celebrate by faith that greater experience which is to come. That which has happened and that which will happen here as we celebrate Christmas are like place-markers in an epic storybook giving us a festive spirit now but calling us to anticipate a glory unrivaled. Such thoughts make me much more than merry, this Christmas. They make me eager, excited, and enthusiastic for the day of unveiling when God delivers upon His every promise and fulfills every prophecy, and the dim shadow of knowledge in the time marked now becomes the unsurpassed brilliance of the child of Bethlehem born in a meager manger who then will mount His throne unopposed and unequalled. On that day, we who believe in Him, will add our little voices to that of angels whose voices are like a multitude as we sing His power, His praise, and His place as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, and Everlasting Father. And this is why we keep singing at Christmas and writing new songs. Greater things than we can now conceive are coming because of Jesus Christ–God become human. With each joyous moment this season remember that this is rehearsal for joy unspeakable and full of glory!

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