Dear Editor,

I really wanted to have this put in the paper, but last Tuesday our family was coming out of the Muir Celebration of Life funeral home for the procession for my uncle. As we pulled out on to Van Dyke, a car came so fast and cut in front of my brother right behind me in our procession and ….never pulled out of it to the side…. He then passed all the rest of us how RUDE.

Then two more passed us and cut in behind the HEARSE, just to turn in to the Country Smoke House.

How RUDE and disrespectful. We did have semi trucks pull over and other cars also. but people tried to pass them too. I just don’t understand how people could be so darn RUDE to do this to a funeral procession. Just plain SAD. I did call the Almont police and they sat along Van Dyke and General Sq. Rd. for us. A thank you to them for that.

— Shelley Striber