Dear Editor,

On Saturday, November 25, I attended the Division 6 State Championship football game between Almont and Kingsley.

It was amazing to see the enormous crowd supporting the Almont Raiders. Several thousand people nearly filled the Almont side of the stadium. I was proud of this crowd’s behavior. Even when there were calls that went against our team, only boos were heard–no vulgar language. We constantly supported our team.

To those players, coaches, and support personnel, I want to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU”–you did us proud.

To the players, I cannot know how bad you are feeling, but I ask you to concentrate on all that you accomplished this year.

You are undefeated league champions. Remember the feelings you had at the end of the game when you knew you were league champions. Go look at the championship football banner in the gymnasium. There are a number of years listed but not all that many when you consider that we have been playing football since at least 1908.

When you defeated Clinton Township Clintondale in the District Semifinals, you got to play another game. Remember the feelings you had at the end of the game when you knew your season would continue.

When you defeated Warren Michigan Collegiate, you were District champions. You defeated the team rated No. 1 in the state. Remember the feeling in overtime as you stopped their two-point conversion and knew you had another game to play.

When you defeated Detroit Edison, you were Regional champions and one of four teams still playing. Remember the feeling of knowing that you were one win away from playing for the State championship at Ford Field.

When you defeated Ovid-Elsie, you qualified to play at Ford Field. Remember the feelings of being able to play on the Lions home field.

Go to the trophy case and look at the trophies you added. Remember the special moments from the season–scoring a touchdown, intercepting a pass, recovering a fumble, sacking the opponents quarterback, a tackle for a loss or a touchdown saving tackle, a pancake block especially one on which a teammate scored.

The community of Almont is extremely proud of you.

— James R. Wade Sr.