Dear Editor,

In this season of Thanksgiving, Trinity Baptist Church of Imlay City (Trinity) thanks God for First Baptist Church of Lapeer (First Baptist).

Trinity began its ministry on May 30, 1940, and we praise God for these 83 years here in Imlay City.

God is always faithful even when we wander away. God abides with, and never stops loving His people.

Currently, Trinity desires to better understand who we are, who God has created us to be, and how we can live the truth of Jesus before others.

We hope to serve you in a Biblically refreshed way. We are intentionally seeking an effective relationship with God, with fellow believers, and you.

We desire to serve our God and community for another 83 years, so we have set aside our preconceived ideas to humbly obey God’s Word together.

In 2022, God used our search to direct us to His children at a mission organization (BCP) and with their help we began walking down a blessed road to revitalization and renewal.

BCP is guiding us in direct fellowship with our family at First Baptist. We praise God for this union of fellowship.

The Pastors and members of First Baptist have chosen to sacrificially walk with us toward revitalization.

We are now two churches serving God and Lapeer County together.

Thank you, First Baptist, for serving God and His people at Trinity. I cannot express how much God has used you to encourage us. Your embrace has been true and strengthening.

Pastor Ross & Pastor Kevin, you have offered many resources to prepare Trinity for the years to come.

On Saturday, September 30, around 15 members came from First Baptist to help Trinity deep clean and repair our building to help prepare us for this new season.

Randy Beardslee, from First Baptist, thank you for taking time off work to organize the group in my absence. Thank you so very much!

Since October 1, First Baptist has lightened our load and encouraged our hearts by sending musicians, music leaders and preachers of God’s Word on Sunday mornings.

I praise God for this fellowship between our Churches!

Truly, we are two Churches serving God together in Lapeer County!

God has great things in store for First Baptist, Trinity and Lapeer County!

Trusting Jesus,
— Pastor Timothy
RP Ericson
South Almont Ave.
Imlay City, MI