No injuries reported from unlawful weapon discharge


IMLAY CITY — Imlay City police were called to the Speedway gas station in the 300 block of S. Cedar St shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday, November 11.

Chief Brett Selby said the manager of the gas station reported prior to the arrival of police, a Hispanic male came into the store around 9:10 p.m. and exposed himself.

The manager stated that when the suspect was up at the register, she noticed that the male had his genitals hanging out from the zipper of his blue jeans.

Work continues on the newest member of the fleet of the Imlay City police department. This military-issued vehicle was donated to the department and is being restored with private donations. No taxpayer money is being used for repairs or other needed equipment.

The manager stated that a couple of months ago, this same male did the same thing.

The first time, it was thought this was an accident, because the male was wearing pajama pants, and two of the three buttons were undone.

The pajama pants were flowy and made of a thin material. The manager stated that on that date the male returned to the store 2 times in the same day, and both times exposed himself.

In a separate incident, on November 4, at approximately 1:30 a.m., a single unit Imlay City Police officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Colonial Drive, for a report of a break in at an occupied apartment and the resident discharged a firearm to “scare them off”.

Chief Selby said while the officer was enroute, central dispatch stated the caller had secured the firearm in a gun safe.

The officer arrived at the location and observed the bullet holes in the apartment door and across the hall into the neighboring apartment.

The officer checked the condition of the other apartment owner and they were uninjured.

Upon the officer’s arrival, the officer observed that apartment had damage to the door frame and the door was wide open.

The officer found the homeowner in the living room still on his phone with the 911 dispatchers.

The homeowner said that he “heard voices” and believed people were trying to break-in into his apartment and “they” were talking outside his bedroom door.

The homeowner additionally showed the officer where he discharged a firearm into a plastic toy chest.

The trajectory of the bullet went through the multiple walls and lodged in the wall of apartment across the hall. Lapeer County Deputies later arrived at the scene to assist. No injuries reported.

Imlay police also responded to two reports of personal injury accidents in the past week, both on S. Cedar St.

One collision had no injuries while in the second crash, one person was transported to McLaren Regional in Lapeer for treatment of injuries.

Police say a silver Toyota was going southbound on Cedar St. and merged into the left turn lane. The Toyota was going to turn into a location in the 600 block of S. Cedar. Officers say the vehicle turned in front of an oncoming vehicle who was driving northbound on S. Cedar.

That vehicle was unable to stop in time and struck the Toyota.

Police say the 69-year-old at fault driver was taken to the hospital for treatment.