NOTICE is hereby given that the Village of Capac Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 7 p.m. at the Capac American Legion Hall, 115 N. Main St., Capac, MI 48014. The purpose of the hearing is to consider a proposed amendment to the Village of Capac Zoning Ordinance Chapter 30 Section 563 Request for Appeals and to receive public comments on the following:
Should Section 30-563 of the Village of Capac Zoning Ordinance be revised to require appeals with respect to the Planning Commission’s decisions concerning site plans be made to the Village of Capac Council instead of the Village of Capac Zoning Board of Appeals?
Written comments may be sent to the Planning Commission at 131 N. Main St., P.O. Box 218, Capac, MI 48014 prior to the hearing. Verbal comments will be taken during the public hearing.
This notice is published pursuant to the requirements of Michigan Public Act 110 of 2006, as amended.
LeAnn Brewer
Village Clerk