Dear Editor,

President Biden should immediately schedule a time for an evening speech to the nation. The following is the speech he should give.

“My fellow countrymen. Our nation is in the midst of a worldwide crisis. I wish to speak to you tonight about the matters of Ukraine and of the attack on Israel.

It has been said if one does not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. It appears that many of our fellow citizens as well as national leaders have not learned from history.

Over 80 years ago trouble was brewing in Europe. Germany, as well as other European nations, were seeing a rapid growth of antisemitic behavior. Jews were the targets of discrimination and that progressed to even worse things.

The German Nazi regime embarked on a program they called “The Final Solution” with the goal being the total extermination of the Jewish people.

Jews were rounded up, machined gunned and buried in trenches or transported to death camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau where they were gassed to death and then cremated in ovens. Over 6 million Jews were killed in less than 13 years.

Today it seems far too many of our citizens either don’t know the history of the Holocaust or choose to ignore it. We cannot afford this. When the Allied forces liberated the many death camps this is what they found.

**Here there should be film shown of the ovens, the survivors who looked like skeletons, the bodies of executed prisoners stacked like cordwood, the piles of shoes, teeth pulled from dead persons for the gold, huge piles of eyeglasses and bundles of human hair taken from dead persons.**

At the same time the European nations were ignoring the very real threat the Nazi regime posed to the entire world. Instead of confronting the evil of Hitler and his ambitions to conquer Europe the nations sought to appease him.

They believed if they only gave him what he asked for he would be satisfied and there would be peace. In 1938 Hitler went to Munich to meet with Neville Chamberlain and other European leaders.

The result was the nation of Czechoslovakia was asked to cede its Sudetenland territory to Germany.

To appease Hitler the other European powers agreed and after being pressured, Czechoslovakia agreed.

When Chamberlain returned to England he proclaimed that he had achieved “Peace in our Time.”

Winston Churchill said to Chamberlain “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” In 1939 Hitler’s German forces invaded Poland and World War II began.

The lessons from those days need to be front and center in our minds today. We have Russia, without provocation, sending its army across borders to attack and conquer an independent nation, Ukraine.

We have seen on October 7, 2023 the massacre of Jewish civilians not seen since the days of the Holocaust by the terrorist organization, Hamas, whose sole goal is to eliminate the Jewish people and destroy Israel. It is the modern version of the Nazi Party.

And yet in our country, and others, we have seen college students, college professors, some congress persons and other citizens marching and chanting the slogans of Hamas. Despite what they may proclaim to the contrary they are celebrating the slaughter of Jews, as well as some Americans. This country, and those persons particularly, need to see what this looks like.

**Show the pictures of the slaughter of people on October 7, the beheading of children and the rape of women all of which was filmed by terrorists on their body cams and taken from the terrorists who were killed in the attack.**

When you march in your protests or you confront fellow students who are Jewish, the pictures you just saw is what you are advocating for.

Israel was created as a land where Jews could have their own country. A place where they could live and be safe. Israelis say “Never Again” when speaking of the Holocaust. And yet today they find themselves fighting to assure that it never does happen again and here in the United States we have many of our citizens cheering on those who would make it happen again.

As a nation we must learn the lessons of the past. We must do all we can to provide Ukraine with what it needs to succeed. Naked aggression cannot be permitted to win. We cannot appease Putin just as we cannot appease Hamas and its benefactor, Iran. Appeasement never works.

I say to you tonight. Not on my watch. As long as I am your President I will do everything in my power to make sure Israel succeeds in the total destruction of Hamas. I will do everything in my power to make sure that there is Never Again a repeat of the Holocaust.

I will do everything in my power to provide to Ukraine what it needs to win the war against Russia and eject them from their lands.

To those Universities and their Presidents in this country who permit or endorse antisemitic philosophy and actions I tell you I will do all that I can do to have you removed from your position and to cut off all government funding from your institutions.

To Rashida Tlaib and those who are like her I tell you that I will exercise the considerable power I have in the Democratic Party to make sure that there is a primary candidate contesting you and I will use all of my powers to make sure that you are defeated.

If, by chance, you win the primary I will actively campaign for your Republican opponent.

As a nation we cannot let evil prevail in this country nor can we let it destroy other freedom loving nations. Let us learn from the mistakes of the past so that they are not repeated today.

May God bless this country and all freedom loving nations.

Thank you and good night.

That is the speech I’d like to hear from President Biden.

—John L. Lengemann