Dear Editor,

Let’s look at what 3 years of Joe Biden has brought to this nation. Prices have increased 17% across the board. When Trump left office inflation was at 1.4%. It was as high as 9% under Biden. The average family of 4 spends about $15,000.00 more per year for necessities than it did when Trump was president. Gasoline prices are up 53% under Biden. We now have a completely open border costing taxpayers billions of dollars to care for the millions of illegals now in the country. Credit card interest rates are as high as 29% for some. Home mortgage rates are up 115% under Biden.

Look at foreign affairs. In the Middle East did anything like what is taking place occur on Trump’s watch? No. We killed Soleimani and Iran took notice that there were consequences for bad behavior. Did China send warships into the Straits of Taiwan? No. Did Putin invade anywhere? No. Why? They were all concerned about the reaction from Trump.

Now Hamas attacks Israel with the clear support and consent from Iran who is certain Biden will appease, not confront. Russia invades Ukraine. The leaders of Iran, Russia, China all got the measure of Joe Biden from the Afghanistan debacle. Now Joe is asking Israel to cool it rather than attack and kill every Hamas member they find.

With this record how could any person vote for Joe Biden a second time?

— John Lengemann
Imlay City