Dear Editor,

Last week’s letter from Tom about Bridge Cards was right on. I’ve been saying the same thing for the last three years. It started when our Federal and State governments started paying people to stay home during Covid.

Teens to seniors realized all nonessential people were unemployed. By claiming they couldn’t find a job, they qualified for unemployment benefits; free money. Along with the suspension of rent, student loans and medical insurance payments, it wasn’t necessary to work. People that never worked before, suddenly were receiving money. Although the Covid epidemic subsided within a year, many of the financial benefits just recently expired. Biden formally declared, on May 11, 2023, the end to the Covid public health emergency. After the freeloaders’ Covid benefits ended, Welfare and Bridge Cards were still available.

When employers complained that nobody wanted to work, Biden’s answer was, “Pay Them More.” Although this sounds great for the worker, the added costs are passed onto the price of their goods. That’s how business works. Biden’s idea of taxing the rich will never work. Most of them pay very little tax now. What makes you think they will pay more because Biden said to.

In 1991, Governor Engler, also faced welfare fraud. To correct this, he stopped all general assistance programs. He told all able-bodied and employable individuals to get jobs, and those needing assistance to reapply. The State saved over $240 million dollars that year.

This will never happen under our Democratic administration. The Democrats believe in “Share the Wealth.”–meaning handouts and loan cancellations. Millions of illegals are receiving $2,200, per person, per month. Not in cash, but in benefits– housing, medical, clothing and food. It appears the Democrats are buying votes. Along with higher salaries and higher prices on everything, inflation will never come down. It is here to stay. Time to apply for a Bridge Card.

— Wally Maslowsky