Dear Editor,

Hey folks are you ready to see this three-stop light town of Imlay City start to grow by around 250 acres and Imlay Township shrink by the same? More subdivisions, more restaurants more industry are just ideas tossed out to the Imlay Township Planning Commission last week, by Imlay Township Supervisor Rick Farcas.

He said the two municipalities are working out the details of the 425 agreement which could benefit the township with tax revenue. If there is no signing on the dotted line the city could go through the process to annex the land with no tax revenue–nothing– zilch to the township. Farcas predicts the agreement will be settled by the end of the year.

The township asks 4 mills of taxable value over 50 years. The city proposed 3 mills over 25 years. Farcas said it’s too soon to say what that would mean in real tax dollars.

The parcels are south of Newark Road, on the east and west sides of Blacks Corners Road and north of I-69. You can see a map of the near dozen parcels on the wall of the township hall and speak your mind tonight, Wednesday, Oct 18, during public time. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

Farcas said he expects there will be some unhappy people but he welcomes opinions.

Farcas said another way to raise money for the township would be to sell the former Yntema land turned soccer field. Got anything to say on that one?

— Bernie Burgess Hillman,
Imlay Township