Resolution for 2.98 mills over 8 years on agenda


IMLAY CITY — A resolution for a possible millage increase was on the agenda for Tuesday night’s Imlay City Commission meeting.

Commission members were given a proposed Public Safety resolution in their board packet prior to the meeting for their consideration.

Earlier this year, the board heard comments and had discussion on the need for a Public Safety Department in the city.

While not all agreed to the concept of another layer of government, a majority of the board thought it was a good idea and moved forward with the formation of the department.

Imlay City voters may be going to the polls to determine the fate of a Public Safety millage sometime next year. A growing population and a need to increase police and fire protection has prompted officials to consider a new millage.The city commission was scheduled to discuss the issue at their meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Joi Kempf appointed an ad hoc committee to meet with city officials to discuss funding and how the department would work.

The Public Safety Department is set up to oversee both police and fire operations in Imlay City and will have a yet-to-be-named director.

In Tuesday night’s packet, the commission was given a proposed resolution that if approved, would eventually create a ballot issue for Imlay City voters to decide if funding should be approved.

The resolution reads, “WHEREAS, Imlay City has provided its residents with police and fire protection services and has funded those services from the general funds of the City; and
WHEREAS, Imlay City is growing at a rate which requires continued additional police and fire protection for the community; and
WHEREAS, the City Commission recently created a Department of Public Safety which provides police and fire protection services for residents within the community; and
WHEREAS, it is necessary to seek voter approval to continue necessary funding for police and fire services provided by the Department of Public Safety; and
WHEREAS, the City Commission has carefully reviewed the financial requirements necessary to continue providing adequate police and fire protection to the residents of Imlay City; and
WHEREAS, it is necessary to levy 2.98 mills to assure continued adequate police and fire services within the Department of Public Safety.


#1. The following ballot proposal shall be submitted to the electors at the February 27, 2024, or March 13, 2024, primary election: Shall the constitutional limitation upon the total amount of taxes which may be levied on all taxable real and personal property in the City of Imlay City, Lapeer County, Michigan be increased in an amount not to exceed 2.98 mills for each one ($1.00) dollar ($2.98 for each one thousand ($1,000) of the taxable value of such property, as finally equalized), for the purpose of providing funding for public safety (police and fire operations) within the City of Imlay City?

The duration of the millage shall be for a period of eight (8) years (2024 through 2031 inclusive). The estimated revenue to be collected in the first year that the millage is authorized and levied is $364,139.

#2. The City Clerk is hereby directed to take such action as may be required to include the proposition on the ballot for the February 27, 2024, or March 13, 2024, primary election.”

Depending on property valuations over the life of the millage, if it is approved, the millage would generate approximately $2.9 million dollars, based on current property values.