Dear Editor,

As a parent of current students in the Almont School District, I want to assist our community in educating themselves on the bond proposal. There has been a lot written and said of the 2024 Almont Bond proposal recently. Unfortunately, the opinions expressed have succeeded in spreading misinformation about the bond with a goal of voting down a multipurpose center. Many believe that this “fieldhouse” is the only item in the bond, and it will cost 60 million dollars. Neither are true.

Below is factual information for the community taken from the documents provided by the school. My goal is to expose everyone to the information, allowing them to gain knowledge of the bond’s entirety.

A quick summary of the bond:

• Improvements to Infrastructure: HVAC, Roofing, Lighting, Windows, Classroom Furniture, Tennis Courts, Drainage, Track, Structural Repairs and more.

• Facility Enhance-ments: Sidewalks, Additional Flex Classrooms, Cafeteria, Auditorium, Lecture Hall, STEAM and Robotics space (within the Multipurpose Facility), Solar Panels, Multipurpose Facility and more.

The cost for the entirety of the bond is expected to be close to $58 million. While this is a large sum of money, our millage in Almont would still decrease from 8.45 mils to the 7 mil range if approved.

I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves on the bond. The school board has published multiple documents for educational purposes. That information can be found on the school’s website below.

We need to remember that the bond provides our children the resources they desperately need. Investing in their future is what will sustain our community.

— Tom Schoen