Vacant council seat filled by Abromaitis


DRYDEN — The Village of Dryden is moving forward with plans to apply for a SPARKS grant that, if approved, would provide funding for improvements to Cardinal Field, among other wants from the village council.

At a meeting earlier this summer, council members held a public hearing for discussion ideas for Cardinal Field and the SPARKS grant that the village is applying for.

Clerk Holly Shroyer refreshed the memory of council by speaking about the SPARKS grant and the ideas that were suggested back in the December 2022 planning meeting for Cardinal Field.

All attendants received examples of playscape designs and ideas of equipment that could be used at the park.

A new playscape was the main idea that came up and was most commonly mentioned, according to meeting minutes.

In reviewing comments and wants from the community and the partnerships with the Township, School and local baseball association, several additional items were mentioned.

Councilmember Alen Graham said benches and trees are something that could be put in at relatively low cost to make the park more pleasant. Council President Pro-Tem Stan Roszczewski discussed installing a new basketball court, after work on a playscape was completed.

Pat Betcher asked about the skate park, wondering if that is still something in the works as part of the grant.

Village officials pointed out the park needs to be developed for children in the area with ADA Accessibility and also cited the fact there are not any ADA accessible parks around the area that children can go to.

Graham stated his church has a home school program that he would get in contact with for a letter of support since they utilize the park.

At a recent council meeting, council members heard the DPW report from Supervisor Kermit Woidan that went over the findings from Sewer Lagoon Inspection and the violations associated in the document from 2018-2021.

A discussion was also held about the doors at Cardinal Field and possibly getting new ones that will have to be pulled outward to open, instead of inward so they can’t be kicked in by those trying to vandalize the building.

Later in the meeting, council discussed the open seat on council and the requirement that the applicant would serve until the next election or until the term is completed.

Originally, no one had applied for the position. However, prior to the deadline, Paul Abromaitis submitted his request and spoke to council about his qualifications and involvement in the community and how he looked forward to the opportunity to serve on Council.

After being reminded of his duty and importance of being at council meetings by President Pro-Tem Roszczewski, Abromaitis was voted on to council and took his place at the table. He will serve until the November 2024 election.