One Fourth of July, when I was 14 or so, we were setting off various fireworks in the street in front of my parent’s home. Everything was legal, therefore we believed that they were all safe. We learned otherwise.

One type of pyrotechnic was designed to spin rapidly on the ground and then shoot up a shower of cascading-colored sparks. However, one of those spinners went airborne somehow. Its trajectory carried it into my little sister’s hair. She would have been about six years old. Her back was turned, so she was not aware that a flaming mass had landed on her. Mom and Dad couldn’t see it, but I could. I took off running full tilt. My sister heard my heavy footfalls and turned, seeing me bearing down on her, she was frightened. She started to run from me. Fortunately, I had a good head start and quickly overtook her and knocked the spinner out of her hair. Thankfully, she was not burnt, though some of her hair was singed.

That look of terror on her face was heartbreaking to me. But she did not understand my frightful demeanor and urgency as concern for her safety. Nevertheless, given a choice, I would rather terrify her than see her hurt or maimed. I never bought any of those spinners again.

In this experience I see a similarity with God’s urgency regarding salvation. People all around us have their backs turned to God and do not know the peril of the flames of Hell that are descending upon them. God sent Jesus to pursue us and rescue us from the terrible horrors of eternity in the flames of Hell. Sadly, most are content, oblivious to the menace befalling them. So, when they catch a glimpse of the urgency of grace bearing down to help them, they respond instead by fleeing. Jesus only wants to save us, but sin keeps us unaware that doom is nearer than we know.

God will run to save us. But here the example diverges, as all analogies eventually break down. God will not deliver a soul that does not want Jesus as Lord, God, and Savior. It breaks God’s heart that people reject rescue, but God will not force anyone to accept Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is the only means to escape the fires of Hell.

Today, if you have not received the grace of Jesus Christ, your hair is on fire and Hell is gaping its jaws to consume you. It may be today, it may be much later, but this trouble is upon you. Jesus has run the race necessary to deliver you from eternal death and fire, will you let Him rescue you? Will you confess and forsake the life of disobedience to God and embrace the grace of Jesus Christ so that you can be transferred from the darkness into the Kingdom of God?

Jesus stands ready to rescue you. Are you afraid to let Jesus give you a new and better life? Don’t be afraid, His offer of rescue is real. His purpose is your highest good and heaven’s delight. Just ask and He’ll do the rest.

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